Sport Taekwondo

This is a fast paced environment in which the art of tae kwon do meet the sport fitness! Our main goal is to build athletes. Athletes with not only physical, but mental strength, and stamina as well. The structure and discipline help build a respectful foundation that our athletes will use and be known by for the rest of their lives.

Boxing Fitness

Our Boxing Circuit classes range anywhere from beginners to advanced and run all ages. Monday and Friday nights are circuits filled with drills and striking. Friday classes are open gym style with extra time blocked out for those wanting to take their punches to the competition ring.

Cardio Kick

Don’t think we left out those who just want to get more in-touch with their athletic side without the stress of competition. Cardio Kick classes are just that, a way to find the brain body connection and get a great workout at the same time!


Some of our sports are considered “contact sports.” With both boxing and taekwondo, contact is the premise of the activity. For this reason we require liability waivers to be filled out completely and acknowledged before participation. To download our waiver follow the link below

Infinity Athletics Liability Waiver